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Twin brother to Jade. His mood swings make it hard to predict what he'll say or do next. He likes to call others by odd pet names.

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Floyd is a boy with fair skin and a height considerably taller than his peers. His appearance mirrors that of his twin brother, Jade Leech. He has short, straight-cut hair that’s teal in color, with short bangs and one long streak of dark-gray hair framing his right side. His eyes have complete heterochromia, with his right eye being yellow, and his left eye being olive-brown. Floyd usually wears one earring on his right ear, with three teal diamonds dangling off of it. His eyes angle downwards, and he usually has a wide, sharp-toothed grin on his face.

Dorm Uniform

Floyd’s uniform is similar to the rest of the Octavinelle students. Floyd has purple coloring under his eyes while in his dorm uniform. The uniform’s top consists of a black, double-breasted suit, a lavender-gray scarf, a button-up undershirt, and a bow tie. The uniform also comes with black, high-waisted dress pants, white gloves, and a black fedora.

His undershirt is light-purple, while his bow tie is white. Floyd’s bow tie isn’t wrapped at all, and instead loosely hangs around his neck. The double-breasted suit has a purple underlining, and Floyd keeps it unbuttoned. He also keeps his undershirt partially unbuttoned. Under Floyd’s suit appear to be dark-purple suspenders. His lavender-gray scarf drapes over both his shoulders and under the suit’s lapels. The scarf has fringed ends, with the symbol of Octavinelle printed on one end.

Floyd wears black and white wingtip shoes with wedges and black laces. Under the shoes are long, purple socks with a pattern of circles and wavy lines on them. His white gloves are buttoned at the wrist. The black fedora has a lavender-gray band wrapped around it and tied with a neat bow, over which is a purple pin in the shape of a spiral seashell.


Floyd first comes of as very laid back and talks in a lazy-like mannerism. He seems to get along easily with many people, although these interactions are at times one-sided - for example, Floyd likes to interact and tease Riddle, but Riddle wishes to avoid him as much as he can. But it's often difficult to predict what he's thinking or what is he going to do next. Floyd is a moody person, switching from good to bad mood in a minute (and vica versa) which can make him seem like an entirely different person. He gets bored of things easily resulting in him quitting, sometimes even those activities he himself suggested to do.[1] Because of his whims and mood-swings, some people find him troublesome to deal with. However, if something catches Floyd's interest, he becomes rather enthusiastic and focused. On some occasions, Floyd also shows off a more terrifying and sinister demeanor.

Floyd likes to give people nicknames based of sea creatures to show affection. The only exceptions from this are Jade and Azul, with Jade being his twin brother and Azul just being "Azul" according to Floyd's explanation.

Signature Spell

Floyd's signature spell is called "Bind The Heart." It’s magic that gets in the way of an opponent's attacks so they always end up missing. [2] Others comment on how Floyd can misdirect the spell sometimes, depending on his mood.


  • Floyd and Jade are based on Jetsam and Flotsam, a sinister pair of moray eels that served as minions to Ursula in The Little Mermaid (1989).
  • Floyd is a Welsh name that means "grey" or "grey-haired".[3]
  • His last name, Leech, references the aquatic worm of the same name, but it is also a title given to those who exploit others, usually for money.
  • He has a habit of giving people sea-creature-themed nicknames. He has a nickname for every notable student (save for Jade and Azul), as well as all of NRC's staff.
  • He says that he's neither the younger or older twin brother to Jade.[4]
  • Vil said that Floyd's skin is very beautiful and well moisturized.
  • Floyd has high interest in fashion after he came on land, particularly to shoes.
  • Floyd has the ability to perfectly recall anything he's seen or read. However, if he's not interested in the subject matter, he'll quickly forget it completely.


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